Warriors of the Struggle:

Words are powerful reminders of present day realities when you consider the gravity of the issues we face as a people.  The struggle must continue with minds that have been renewed to deliberately engage and defeat forces that have historically advanced an agenda of deceit and injustices in all arenas. We have awaken to the platitudes of hope spun by the oppressors wherein many of us were made to believe that things were changing for the better in our lifetime.  Our eyes that look have been replaced with eyes that see and what we see is unacceptable to those who must be about justice for all.  

 I sense this membership meeting is about who we are and more importantly Whose we are. We have chosen to speak and declare our position which says to friends and foe alike that we will Never Forget–Never Again: A Voteless. People A Miseducated People!  this sounds like ANSC has  declared War and all I can Say is “it’s about time”. We can no longer ignore the passion with which the power mongers have developed and implemented  a sinister plan to invalidate the worth of   individuals that do not support their thesis of justice .

ANSC’s agenda has been vetted and we have been given new orders that has a transformational hook-up that must be advanced without delay.  The time is now and the cry for justice has been heard.    This preponderance of ignorance that has clouded our calling must be exposed and  eradicated.  I am excited now like never before because we stand in victory  over all such illusions of the perceived power of others because we-speak  truth to power fully armed  for our weapons are not carnal but mighty in  HIM.  The  struggle has been upgraded to a new level of due diligence and we are all GLAD  ABOUT IT!

Dr. Roberta Watts

ANSC State President