Dear ANSC Members and Visitors:

Welcome to our ANSC Spring Membership Convention! We are delighted to have you join us in one of the most important conventions as we discuss the urgent topic of “Vote or Die; Vote and Live”, our theme for this convention. We are gravely concerned about the issues that impact our lives, our communities, our state and our nation. One of the many purposes we serve is to promote the general welfare of all people through independent political organization dedicated to progressive ideals of freedom, justice and democracy. We know that if we continue to ignore the voting process we will continue to die! Die at the hands of complacency. Die at the hands of candidates voted into office who don’t serve our best interest. Die at the hands of Councilpersons, Mayors, Senators, Representatives, Governors and Presidents who make laws without accountability or credibility impacting our lives negatively. We must Vote or Die; Vote to Live!

 At our convention today, we will have workshops on voter registration and participation focusing on how each of us can become active in this process that is the bloodline to a quality of life. We hope that the workshops will compel each of you to join this great organization and/or recommit yourselves to the work ahead.

 We encourage you to join ANSC so that you can bring your ideals to the table to assist us as we continue to address the issues that challenge our lives daily. We want you to encourage the youth in your community to join as we need their support, knowledge and skills. Will you Vote or Die or Vote to Live? We hope at the conclusion of this convention you will choose to Vote to Live!

 Thank you for joining us at this our 36th Annual Membership Convention!

Debra Foster

State President