Download a full roster of the State Democratic Executive Committee in Excel (.xls). Current as of 2-24-2012.

Article I of the SDEC Bylaws


  • That government functions best when it is closest to the people.
  • That Democrats are determined to provide economic opportunity for all Alabamians. It is our purpose to take maximum advantage of the bountiful natural resources with which we are blessed. We work for the day when no young Alabamian must go beyond the confines of our State to find opportunity. We are committed to the creation of a climate, which will foster a greater growth of industry and agriculture.
  • That a quality system of public education is the cornerstone of all our attainments and the foundation of our hopes for the future; that we must relentlessly strive to attain such a system so that every child is afforded full opportunity to realize his or her God-given potential.
  • That in recognition of our dependence on modern links of transportation, the Democratic Party seeks not only major expressways, but also airways, railways, waterways, and local roadways extending to even our most remote areas. We are determined to develop transportation facilities that are second to none and we acknowledge that we must bear a significant financial responsibility in this undertaking.
  • That the Democratic Party is committed to clean air and water. We recognize that the complex problems of our era necessitate governmental action, control of which must be in the hands of the people and not those whose regulation has become unavoidable.
  • That the Democratic Party holds it to be a significant public trust to provide for the needs of Alabama’s people in the fields of public health, both physical and mental. We must give a helping hand to every Alabamian who can be rehabilitated and restored to self-sustaining citizenship and such services must be administered with compassion and competence.
  • That the distribution of our state’s tax burden should be without discrimination either for or against any region. Those who benefit most from our free enterprise system should bear a proportionate cost of its maintenance. We condemn all schemes of taxation, which shift a disproportionate burden of government onto to the shoulders of those who are least able to pay.
  • That the Democratic Party recognizes the importance of full and free collective bargaining in a free society.
  • That the people are entitled to honest and ethical government; that it is demanded of all public servants that they make complete, current, public disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest; that in carrying out their public trusts they serve no master save only the people; and that they fairly make and administer the laws without fear or favor. It is the duty of all public servants to relentlessly support and enforce the highest ethical standards without any regard to political exigencies of affiliations.
  • That the preservation and protection of our natural resources is a sacred obligation to unborn generations of Alabamians; that the development of our parks, recreational facilities, historical sites and wildlife is among the highest duties of our state.
  • That it is the duty of our State government to provide imaginative leadership and to strengthen the capacities of our free enterprise system in meeting the challenge of providing decent housing for all Alabama citizens.
  • That a fundamental duty of public service is to provide an honest dollar’s worth of service for every public dollar spent. The continuing and pressing needs of our State make discharge of this high duty even more compelling.
  • That it is the inalienable right of every Alabamian to face the future with dignity and without fear. We must assist the sick, poor, the aged and others in need with compassion and with realistic awareness of today’s needs.
  • That the government is of laws and not of men. We condemn any resolution of men’s conflicts save through the legal processes. The Democratic Party stands for law and order and for a total and increasing war against crime, for the strengthening of our law enforcement agencies, and for justice under the law.
  • That every citizen no matter what his religion or race or how humble or exalted his origin or station owes the duty to participate fully at every level of government and is entitled to an equal voice and to equal treatment at its hand; that all Democrats are bound to defend, protect and honor our Nation, our state, our Party, that when they are right, it is our privilege to sustain them, that when they err, it is our duty to correct them.
  • That as Democrats, we are proud and upright citizens of the United States; that we are determined not only to serve here, but also to stand shoulder to shoulder with citizens of our sister states in giving meaningful, responsible and constructive leadership such as befits a great Nation.